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Jim and Suzie Link are the parents of four daughters who have danced at The Dance Centre for over 20 years.

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In the beginning, dance classes such as ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop are great ways to introduce a love of music as well as foster artistic expression. Even the most timid dancer can find an outlet for expression through movement they might not know how to vocalize in words when they feel a sense of family and safeness in the studio.

It has given me self-discipline, self-confidence, and lifelong friendships. It has shaped me into the person I am today by teaching me to work hard in everything I do. Early on, many of these young dancers aspire to perform with a professional ballet company or become a part of a Tony award-winning Broadway cast.

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The reality is that a large percentage of young dancers may not use their years of training and expertise professionally. However through dance, without conscious effort, they and their parents have invested in building a strong foundation for becoming independent expressive individuals contributing to our society. Middle school and high school age dancers often display great qualities of organization and commitment.

These dancers usually have demanding academic schedules as well and typically develop excellent time-management skills. These are generally beginners courses to introduce the basic principle of the dance and can progress in to further courses and social events. Whilst a drop in class is the perfect social environment, it may leave you wanting to develop your dancing skill in greater depth.

With a private lesson, an individual or couple are able to request specific areas they wish to improve, or simply ask your tutor to teach you to be the next World Champion, we will assist whatever the request.

Enhance your special day further with a dance created just for you. Whether it be your first dance, group dance or other, our teachers will help you to create a moment to remember on your special day.

Does your child want a party tailored for them? We can provide an instructor to entertain your guests in one of our studio, teach them some fun moves and stage a performance at the end of the party for everyone to enjoy. Whether you would like a one off function, party or a regular event, at Cadmans we aim to offer a full package.

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We offer various styles of dance where you can take your dance experience further and challenge yourself to a staged development through medal tests where you are able to achieve awards for your technical progression and improvement for a given dance style. If you wish to take your social dance skills to a more competitive stage, there are various competition routes to take advantage of, whether it is socially as a School or team, or competitively as a couple or individual, we offer options for everyone in all environments.

From the organisation right through to the dancers and their costumes, we have many years of experience and professionalism at your disposal.

Are you looking to introduce dance in to your school? Cadmans can offer a DBS checked instructor to attend a regular or one off class to teach various types of dance.

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Whether it be before, after or during the normal school day, our team can work around the specific requirements of your school. So, thank you for all your work and leadership in creating a great environment for all of the dancers who walk through your doors! We thought the annual performance was amazing. Innovative, interesting choreography.

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Creative costuming and very professional overall. Really impressed! I want to thank you and your wonderful staff. My daughter truly loves to dance. I am so happy that she is a part of Dance Revelation. Our daughter had so much fun. I feel like I have not done enough for all you have done for my daughter.


It means the world to me she is able to keep dancing! You all inspire me so much! This is directed to the staff and entire organization of Dance Revelation. My wife and I have commented many times that the values you instill in these young women and girls is a generous gift to them. Not only did we find, in Dance Revelation, exactly what we hoped for admin