A Thousand Lies

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Novelist and Playwright in the Bay Area, CA

Now add to it Instagram. Because at least, in our day, we could go home and forget the perfect tall thin girl whom all the boys were in love with; at least until the next morning. She automatically browses through Instagram; and there pops up the seemingly idyllic life of an Insta-mom with twins under the age of one; her hair and makeup are perfect, of course.

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Nobody is crying or nagging. And suddenly my friend feels inadequate. Does everyone have a boat in Cannes and a house in Greece? From June to September, it sure seems that way.

And suddenly my friend feels like a failure. On Instagram, everyone seems to have the perfect lunch; the perfect couch; the perfect family; the perfect travel spot and the perfect relationship.

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But our society is suffering from it. Especially when platforms like Instagram give picture-takers million-dollar jobs. But at least words still carry truth. If you like this article, please give it a clap!


It will attract more readers to it! Sign in Get started. Yasminawrites Blocked Unblock Follow Following. How to enable popups in your browser. A Thousand Lies began life in Newcastle in with the intent of writing and recording groove ladened metal with a strong melodic core.

Deceiving oneself and others in “One Thousand Lies”

The Bands first effort 'Another Day Another Disaster' was released in to much local support and acclaim. Featuring soaring vocals, duelling guitars and a strong rhythm section and excellent writting many of the songs became fan favourites and are still Unfortunately some modern browsers are now not allowing music to autoplay. Please click the button above to allow continuous play in our player popup window. Sorry :. Learn more Got it.

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