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A lovely down to earth lady who would be an asset to your household. She speaks fluent Spanish so would be good to have around any children who wanted to speak another language.

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A lovely bubbly girl with a kind heart and positive outlook on life. They are extremely organised their experience is extensive and impressive.

Excellent attitude and able to manage large entourages. They have just completed a London-based temporary assignment and are now looking for dynamic travelling role or a London-based position.

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This site uses cookies. Click here for more information. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. We would be delighted to help. Contact Us or Make an Enquiry. If you don't see an ideal Candidate here, call us to discuss your needs. Accustomed to interacting at the highest levels both nationally and globally, with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Highly organised and adept at multitasking on a wide range of tasks whilst maintaining meticulous attention to detail. Seeking a role with autonomy and interesting, possibly project management.

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Placed by Greycoat Lumleys in a role they retained for 7 years, their different professional roles have allowed them to develop a very positive and confident attitude which translate into being an excellent, proactive, versatile employee. This candidate has worked both within the corporate arena and within Private Households approximately 8 years' experience. They have a full range of the PA skills and are very used to dealing with clients who have exceptionally high standards.

British passport holder who is currently based in Switzerland. Fluent in English, German and French.

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She has managed the administration of a private office and all the associated tasks related with this, admin, banking, bills, accounts, invoicing and banking. She has also been responsible for household insurances including specialist art insurance , car insurance and maintenance, alarm systems, telephone and lighting systems, art installations and transport. She has also been involved in hiring and managing household staff. She managed to complete that in a year with a distinction.

The role has since then grown and developed as she has, looking after meetings, conference calls, business trips, dealing with personal life, dentist, doctors, event management, diary management and much more. Hannah did not know she wanted to become a PA until she went into a business environment, she managed to work out all the sectors what she wanted to go into by getting the knowledge of the business.

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In a normal day she likes variation, being reactive and proactive and loves to hit the ground running, that is how she knew that was the career move for her. Below are a few examples:. It had taken Hannah a year to be placed into the PA role, they are few and far between within the company she worked at, and the best way to work your way up is to start in an administrative role.

Start learning a form of qualification that is recognised within PA industry. Always have a passion and desire to do the role, overcome the bad, the ugly and learn from your own mistakes as well as the people around you. Be prepared to work a lot of long hours, some mornings Hannah starts at am, looking through emails and looking for business critical emails that need actioning straight away.

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View our infographic outlining a few simple and effective ways an organisation can try to instil a level of positivity in their corporate culture. What is corporate culture, who does it well and why is it important? What steps can organisations take if they want to positively influence the culture in their workplace?

Nowadays, the workforce consists of individuals from different generations, backgrounds and personalities. With such a variety of people all wanting different things from their employer, organisations have to offer increasingly alternative benefits to stand out from competitors.

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Skip to main content. Ruth Skelton Watch our short video summarising the article Here's an insight from a professional PA who has had a very successful career. How did you become a personal assistant? Network with other PAs As the time went on she realised that she could do what the role has asked of her.

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