The Sins of the Fathers

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Imagine discovering that your grandfather was a serial killer. Would you feel guilty about it? Would you be at all tempted to contact the families of his victims? April Philanthropy vs. Are We Slaves to Technology? Is there a Right to Sex? Faith and Humility Happy th, Karl Marx!

Who Gets To Decide the Truth? Dark Knowledge? Is 'The Will of the People' Sacred? Is There a Case for Bullshit? What props up morality? Do Scientists Need Philosophers? Are Americans All Nationalists? Is Neoliberalism Destroying the Earth? Flexitarian vs. Vegetarian Dennett vs. Could the Laws of Physics Change? Could the Laws of Physics Ever Change? How is the Internet Changing Friendships? Transhumanism Cognitive Bias D'oh! Reality TV: Ethics or Entertainment? Can Free Speech Exclude? Should Belief Aim at Truth? Are Taxes Fair?

Is This Still the End of History? Is Consciousness an Illusion? Feel like Democracy is Crumbling? What are Crony Beliefs? Is Postmodernism to Blame for Post-Truth? Why Teach Prisoners? Is it Okay to Punch Nazis? Teaching Philosophy: The Answer to Automation? Introducing: Francis on Film R. April How Many Children? The Culture Wars: Phase 2? Should the ethics of Presidential candidates matter?

Nivison The More Good the Better? Why Philosophize? Is Anarchy Possible? Why Be Moral?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Sins of The Father [FULL]

Does Language Affect Thought? What Might Have Been! What's on your summer reading list for ? What Are Leaders Made of? A blog for Christmas Is it wrong to wreck the earth? Kierkegaard Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? The Extended Mind What is an adult? Too Much Information? Corporations as Persons Psychological vs.

March Fear! Live Blogging! April Journalistic Ethics? Beyond the Cartesian Moment? To blog is to forgive? Unfortunately, most of the world's billions of inhabitants are far more primitive. I don't understand how any rational person could find this fair or just. If someone wearing a green shirt assaults me, am I justified in blaming any and all who are similarly dressed?

By your logic, I might be. Logically, therefore, the solution might well seem to be to kill them all--every man, woman and child--in order that there be nobody left with a grudge against us. As to the question of "reparations", let it go.

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All of the people who were involved in any part of that system are long dead. Although the justice system of the US is undoubtedly flawed, its goal of holding accountable those who have actually transgressed is far superior to prosecuting the transgressors' descendants, along with anyone who looks like them, worships as they do, hails from the same part of the world, speaks the same language, etc. Have you actually done the necessary research to ascertain exactly which "ancestors" were slave holders?

Or who the "descendants" of these slave holders actually are? It seems to me that you are putting forth a blanket indictment of all white people in the US, regardless of whether their ancestors lived in a different country until after , or were indentured servants themselves, or were, in fact, devout abolitionists. At this point, I confess that I am feeling like I am rising to the bait.

I went to college, working my way through, with little more than the clothes on my back. My parents did not, and in fact could not, provide me with cash to go to college. I can honestly say that I earned everything I have through the sweat of my own brow. Tuesday, July 22, -- PM. SuzieQ I actually don't support reparations personally, partly for some of the reasons you lay out. I think we do a good job of sorting through the issue on the episode, so be sure to give a listen, when you get a chance. A better way is to think in terms of justice -- all kinds of justice, distributive justice, compensatory justice, etc.

But sometimes the lottery is rigged. We just need to figure out how best to ameliorate the contemporary effects of the rigged lottery. Thursday, July 24, -- PM. Friday, July 25, -- PM. Regarding original sin, the thing about it is that according to Christian theology, before you can get into Heaven you have to be a sinner first, then you have to repent. That's why God has to provide us all with a sin of some kind. It wouldn't be fair to leave some of us out of the game.

Original sin is a convenience afforded us by the Holy Maker just in case we don't have anything else to fall back on. Perhaps others can think of one or two other positive contributions people of European ancestry made to Africans and humanity in general. Do those positive contributions subtract from their ancestor's sins when we compute who owes what to whom, or should we harp only on the sins and pretend the positives don't exist? Sunday, August 17, -- PM. The Bible makes sense if you can accept that God isn't a magical being.

Gad, the Father, lends DNA, and the apple that will surely kill you for the price of knowing good and evil would make a kid eat apples, and they should know they're going to die anyway. We still owe reparations, and the government should address profiling by color. At least when the housing market suffered for African Americans moving into upper middle class neighborhoods, all the good houses became affordable. Racism in America has been subject to idiocy, for the fact that Jesus was very much Colored. MLK Jr. The words and location of the speech were carefully chosen, and are very powerful in imagery and association.

I personally think he'd torture white people for fun if he didn't understand the need for someone to stand at the foot of Abraham Lincoln's tax funded statue and demand the recognition for pain and suffering that was to remain long endured. White treatment of African Americans fit into several categories that contribute to civil unrest, and torture; discrimination is a kind way to put it. Who the fuck discriminates on who to hose down with How many pounds per square inch of water pressure?

That doesn't fit into the category of paying for your daddy's mistakes. White bigots, to be open about it, judge on the merit of being not judged, and it's oxymoronic. How many African Americans would call is a sin and punishable by eternal damnation to covet your neighbors wife? It'd be a short and well devised hell, a hell on Earth. But responsibility just is. It's not something to place feelings on. Grown ups don't have feelings unless they are emotionally unstable, if they wish to call on feelings to guide actions. That's absurd. We know enough, as a species, to do what makes common sense for problems that we can identify.

Responsibility isn't something that we can decide on, and it's ridiculous a thing to desire to ignore. It's not a choice; there are implying factors to responsibility, and identifiable, therefore likely to have specific means of addressing. So, my dad's father was mentally ill, and was such a horror to him that he doesn't see mental illness in himself. He has a downed power line, filed for bankruptcy after maxing out many many credit cards, neglected me as a child in many ways that were his legal responsibility, and assumes all responsibilities are of one who identifies a problem whether or not it clearly points to him.

I have a mental illness and he'd like me to not have one. So, my father has slandered me and discussed me in ways that make him look like an asshole and an idiot. My dad would also like to see his influence on me, and while I had expressed that, it made me seem like a crude and novel person. His most recent offense was telling my niece racist jokes; and because I was so fucking offended, my niece can see the racism of '80s episodes of My Little Pony, where the white girl and white pony save the day.

She's going to be the shit. Anyway, if our government wanted to seize oil fields, and it were intolerable, each person can make choices in respect to that, to adequately respond; it'd be a fine time to order solar panels in bulk, or otherwise address that shit.

My own senator seemed overly concerned with a simple difference for the Presidential qualifications of another country that was so similar to ours. So fucking what, perhaps? Don't you know we still use coal, only? Thursday, June 2, -- PM. I live 20 minutes outside Fort and would love to make a pilgrimage to Keewenaw up the old military road. Great site by the way, its really helping me plan for my trip up there next weekend!

Agen pusat qnc jelly gamat But I hate to ask, but would it be possible to add a? The current one is nice, but sometimes there? Monday, June 13, -- PM. Thursday, September 1, -- PM. Hopefully today you are given a smooth live activity. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Tainted by the Sins of Our Fathers?

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The Sins of the Fathers (Matthew Scudder, #1) by Lawrence Block

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The Sins of the Fathers

A Comic Book for 17th-Century Philosophy. FrancisOnFilm: Three Billboards. Fatal Attraction. The Urbanist Delusion. Reasons to Donate to Philosophy. Stranger Feelings. Fanon, Violence, and the Struggle Against Colonialism. Is there a real you? Fractured Identities. Do Victims Have Obligations? The Art of Non-Violence. The Puzzle of Possibility. How to Keep Your Resolutions. Thoughts on Retirement. December In Praise of Affirmative Consent. Lethal Speech. An Argument for Regulating Automation.

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Buddhism, Science, and the West. Of Philosophy and Basketball. The Midlife Crisis. The Odyssey in Plain English. Scrap Thanksgiving? FrancisOnFilm: Thor Ragnarok. Feminism and Philosophy's Future. Volume 38 , Issue 1.

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In prison he meets Pat Quinn, from whom he quickly starts learning prison trades. After hard work, he ends up as the prison librarian and begins writing The Diary of a Convict. Back in England, Watson informs everyone about the death and later the burial of Harry at sea.

While the letter by Tom Bradshaw Harry is lying on Maisie's mantelpiece, Emma recognizes the handwriting and believes that Harry is still alive. Not allowed to open the letter, she sets out to find Harry. She works on Kansas Star , the ship in which Harry was saved, and from there, she gets to know about the people Tom Bradshaw was with in his last moments. On visiting their home, she realize that Harry himself is Tom and is now in prison. Harry meanwhile writes a diary about his time in prison. When one of his fellow inmates, Max Lloyd, is released, he requests Harry to keep sending him diaries as he enjoys reading them a lot.

Max publishes them in his own name. Emma reads the 'Diary of a Convict' and recognizes Harry's handiwork. Harry and Pat are recruited by the US army to cause mayhem behind enemy lines. Giles joins the army and is captured by Germans.