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Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See details for additional description. Instead of the most beautifully depressing tale ever told, Wharton takes a breather and comes up with a romp through the comically troubled lives of Jazz Age New Yorkers of means. Startlingly topical themes of mirror-gazing spiritual seekers at odds with the money makers and the simply self-absorbed. Fun from start to stop.

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About this product. Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Format: Paperback Condition: New! Other notes. See details. See all 6 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Stefan: brooding and mysterious, desperately trying to resist his desire for Elena for her own good. Damon: sexy, dangerous, and driven by an urge for revenge against Stefan, the brother who betrayed him.

Elena finds herself drawn to both brothers Thirteen-year-old Emily Poe has been given the opportunity of a lifetime: A chance to attend the exclusive Audyn School in Manhattan. Meet Noah Flynn: badass, volatile - and a total player. When Elle decides to run a kissing booth at her school's Spring Carnival, she locks lips with Noah and her life is turned upside down.

Her head says to keep away, but her heart wants to draw closer. This romance seems far from a fairy tale. Is Elle headed for heartbreak or will she get her happily ever after?

Spirited, stubborn, and deeply loyal wolf shifter, Sasha, feels the pressure from her pack to claim another pureblood, yet no one is brazen enough to defy the elders and toy with her Tabor, a rebellious outcast, is the hollow's only wizard shifter. Constantly overlooked despite his strengths, Tabor believes Sasha is as shortsighted as the rest of the pack until she proves there's more to her than a blindly obedient lapdog.

Being an empath has its advantages. But she has no clue where she got these freakish powers because she spent her childhood jumping from home to home in the foster system, and her father left her with nothing more than a cryptic note. Then she crosses paths with a terrifyingly real monster. She used to work for the US government, but very few people ever knew that.

An expert in her field, she was one of the darkest secrets of an agency so clandestine it doesn't even have a name. And when they decided she was a liability, they came for her without warning. Now she rarely stays in the same place or uses the same name for long. They've killed the only other person she trusted, but something she knows still poses a threat.

They want her dead, and soon. Fans of the Divergent series by number-one New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by Four: A Divergent Collection , a companion volume that includes four pre-Divergent stories told from Tobias' point of view. Listeners first encountered Tobias as "Four" in Divergent. His voice is an integral part of Allegiant. Listeners will find more of this charismatic character's backstory told from his own perspective in Four: A Divergent Collection. In pitch-perfect voices, Kathryn Stockett creates three extraordinary women whose determination to start a movement of their own forever changes a town, and the way women - mothers, daughters, caregivers, friends - view one another.

A deeply moving novel filled with poignancy, humor, and hope, The Help is a timeless and universal story about the lines we abide by, and the ones we don't. Stella Grant likes to be in control - even though her totally out-of-control lungs have sent her in and out of the hospital most of her life.

At this point, what Stella needs to control most is keeping herself away from anyone or anything that might pass along an infection and jeopardize the possibility of a lung transplant. Six feet apart. No exceptions. The only thing Will Newman wants to be in control of is getting out of this hospital. When angels fell from the sky to war with the demons that ravaged Earth, their combined powers infected humanity. Now, the humans are assigned one of two fates, being either demon-gifted or angel-blessed. After wings sprout from Brielle's back at her awakening ceremony, she's sure she's an angel-blessed celestial.

It's not until she sees black wings that she realizes something is terribly wrong. On the day of his wedding, Conrad, heir to the house of Otranto, is killed under mysterious circumstances. His calculating father, Manfred, fears that his dynasty will now come to an end and determines to marry his son's bride himself, despite the fact he is already married. But a series of terrifying supernatural omens soon threaten this unlawful union, as the curse placed on Manfred's ancestor, who usurped the lawful Prince of Otranto, begins to unfold.

In a world where women hold all the power and men have barely been an afterthought, an intrepid shipmistress must put aside everything she knows if she is to save her people. Bela is at the helm of the Sandcrow , a ship sent from calm seas to the far frozen north in search of a legendary power that could turn the tide of war. Locked into ice, the Sandcrow is lost. Now, for the shipmistress and her crew, a desperate voyage becomes a chilling struggle for survival against nature, fear, and prejudice.

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Life will never be the same. Tessa is a good girl with a sweet, reliable boyfriend back home. Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them…all at once? Second, there was a part of him, and I didn't know how dominant that part might be, that thirsted for my blood. Isabella Swan's move to Forks, a small, perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the most boring move she ever made.

But once she meets the mysterious and alluring Edward Cullen, Isabella's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. Up until now, Edward has managed to keep his vampire identity a secret in the small community he lives in, but now nobody is safe, especially Isabella, the person Edward holds most dear. The lovers find themselves balanced precariously on the point of a knife, between desire and danger.

Deeply sensuous and extraordinarily suspenseful, Twilight captures the struggle between defying our instincts and satisfying our desires. This is a love story with bite.


The date is August 19, and less than a week ago I knew less about the Twilight series than just about anyone alive. This was deliberate on my part. I imagine I accidentally caught part of a movie preview somewhere and thought, "Teenage vampire love story. No way.

twilight sleep

I have nothing against vampires, in the proper setting, but I don't like romances and I'm not a teenager. So, absolutely ALL I knew was: Vampires, teenagers, love, and some guy named Robert Pattinson that all the young girls were raving about. It had never even occurred to me that it was a book, although movies like this frequently are based on novels. Last week I was chatting with my nephew's wife and I asked her if she liked to read.

She mentioned that she had read all of the Twilight books. I was polite but I secretly scoffed and changed the subject before she could say any more about it. A few days later I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine and she seemed to be certain that I would have read the Twilight books because they were "just exactly my thing. She assured me that I had the wrong idea about the story. Since I was nearing the end of the book I was listening to at the time, I decided to read customer reviews about Twilight on Audible. Almost all the ones I read stated that the reviewer had avoided these books for the same reasons I had, but were happy that they finally tried it.

I wasnt asleep. I just couldnt open my eyes or talk. I felt them pulling my teeth out, it was horrible. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Tell me about your experience with conscious sedation please : By anewday , October 30, in General Education Discussion Board. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted October 30, Did you take any anti anxiety medication beforehand vallium? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I had conscious sedation for lithotripsy to blow up kidney stones. The actual procedure was fine.

So that's my exp with conscious sedation - a very, very bad come down.

Invisible Man | "Some of my most Favorites " | Invisible man, Audio books, Ralph ellison

A lot of dental offices use terms such as "sleep dentistry" or "twilight sleep" when talking about IV sedation. This is confusing, because it suggests that IV sedation involves being put to sleep. In reality, you remain conscious during IV sedation. You will also be able to understand and respond to requests from your dentist.

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Luckily the pain didnt last beyond them actually pulling the tooth out. The recovery was easy. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up. admin