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Merion Station, Edited by E. Lehren und Forschen in einer jungen Diziplin. Edited by K. Innsbruck, Edited by. Totten, S. Jacobs, P. Edited by L. Greenspoon, R. Simkins,and G.

A. Books (118)

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Beattie, The Targum of Ruth. Bernard J. Ivan G.

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David Novak, ed. Philip L. Robert J. Allen and John C. Ralph W. Hood, Jr. Frederich G. Holmgren and Herman E. Schaalman, eds. David J. Bernard Reich, ed. Albert W. Bluestockings Displayed: Portraiture, Performance and Patronage, , ed. Elizabeth Eger Cambridge UP, Carpenter, Andrew. Real , ed. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, Pp The Scriblerian and the Kit-Cats , Fall Real, ed. Lavoie Bucknell UP Age of Johnson , 22 Dec : Scriblerian Albion Modern Philology Satire and Sentiment, , by Claude Rawson Cambridge, Articles and reports:.

Annual Report Conference Presentations:. March 25, Pittsburgh, PA, November 2, Chawton House Library, Hampshire, England. Charleston, SC. March 1, Raleigh-Durham, NC. November 9, Hamilton, Ontario. October 27, March Presentations on Pedagogy:. April 6, Invited Lectures :. March 5, Lecture, reading and slide presentation.

Ybor City, Florida. November 14, October 24, USF Marshall Center. April 24, Elizabeth Hirsh, October 17, Petersburg, FL. And Why You Should Care. Petersburg, Feb. Sabbatical competitive , Fall , to complete work on book-length photo-memoir on Hillsborough River. Chair, Department of English Appointed by the Chair, duties include serving when Chair is unavailable, representing the department to upper administration and leadership beyond the department, consultation on interdisciplinary collaborations, faculty service assignments, teaching loads, merit raises, fundraising, staffing, budget, governance and strategic planning; oversight of faculty mentoring, oversight of permanent and visiting Instructors, graduate TAs teaching beyond FYC; department media representation including Twitter, LinkedIn, website development, monthly newsblog ; recruitment of English majors including new initiatives such as undergraduate and graduate internships, social networking outreach and community building, curriculum revision.

Duties include advising, recruiting, admissions, placement, curriculum oversight, scheduling, problem resolution, liaison roles, newsletter, tracking of students, discipline, assessment, orientation, funding, awards, teacher preparation, various consultation and support roles. Duties include inviting and hosting plenary speakers, writing and distributing CFP, organizing vetting process, vetting, program, hotel and facility arrangements, food, events, correspondence, on-site running of conference, budget and financing, accounting.

Petersburg Campus Spring Duties include: advising, consultation on projects and faculty directors, correspondence and records. This innovative list, designed for the undergraduate classroom, features eighteenth-century novels by women paired with related works and presented in a cultural context. Organized and led day-long retreat for Literature faculty on curricular focus, department initiatives, and research focus. Organized and led 1.

Pete Beach, September , Organized and led day-long meeting for Literature faculty on the future of our program. Clearwater Beach, FL. March 30, For English Graduate Program. Alt-Ac and non-Academic Careers first April PhD Exam Preparation Workshop multiple times. Publishing Workshop multiple times. Conference Presentation Workshop first November Professional Development:.

University of Victoria, June , Rumsey Indiana University Institute for Child Study Anderson Cusie Pfeifer, William H. Ryan, Linn Sage Hotel Algonquin Halman Arthur Cantor Lukach, Inc. Irving M. Schwarzkopf Theodore Kritas Bobbie Handman, Ellen Meyers Katharine Brown, Susan Miller Goodman, Ellen Neuwald Kirk Ralph Kirk , Durlacher Brothers Weare Moran Peter Heggie Sillcox, James A. Bills, Elizabeth R. Miller Williams Morris Danon, Robert C. Kemp King, Martha Peterson Clark Clair, William Durrett Louis H.

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Silberkleit Szladits Academy of Religion and Mental Health Franklyn Lowenstein Milton Blackstone Bloustein, Edward J. Adams, David W. Parker Kerr, Allan Ullman Tincher Dumm Osoff, Edwin Burr Pettet, Mrs. Lionel Reiss, A. Sachar, Esther K. Schroeder Essex County Chapter Mrs. Peter J. Scott Westchester Chapter Evelyn Monk, Mrs. Morris Schrier Wells Leonard P. Weg Marks Clements, Charles J.

Curran, T. Reid, Catriona Thompson, Patti Tiensch The Erie Dispatch Brown, Stanley Dorr Michael Cleary Gerald T. Sun Gibson Company Priscilla Shepard Moore Large Fournier Conner Wingate Tuttle Co. Tom Mori Pettee Klein Irwin Winkler Robert Kalfin Loeb Aubrey Blackburn, H. Mayley, Mary Whelan Barry M.

Kirk Lund Hansen Coapman, Jr. Bricker Gallantz Nash, Seymour Steinberg Office of the President William J. McGill Norberg Paul Soskin Mylett Contemporary-Korman Artists Ltd. Ronald B. Lief John Murphy Harry, Mrs. Committee on University Lectures John W.

Kronik Clancy Burroughs, Gabriel Reiner McNamara Craig, Mary B. Marvin Ezzell Heath and Company Judy Hu Bunzel Maury Kagen Atlantic Monthly Press Deborah Rogers, Pat White Roberts Hermann Kusserow Kalodner Henrich, Norman M. Loev, Jules Silk Television program Dotty Marsh Jan van Loewen Ltd. James Anderson , Don Congdon, Michael Congdon Ellen E. Krieger, John T.

Sargent, Susan Schwartz Frederick Crowell Princeton University Burkey, Vincent J. Connelly, Sidney R. Fleisher, Otis L. Guernsey, Jr. LeVine, Ann M. Paine, Luise M. Sillcox, Stephen Sondheim, James A. Stabile, Mills Ten Eyck, Jr. Werner James Bohan, Barrett H. Clark, F. Sillcox, Madeleine Steiner, Judith W. Stockton, Mary Louise Vincent Frederick Wilcox , Dutton Firm Peter S.

Prescott Thaw Kenneth Thomson Ling, Judith Truman Dorothy Davies, John Seig Eric Glass Winick Farber Straus, Jr. James Thomas , Jack Davidson Marjorie L. Casebier Richard W. Boone Mme M. Fournier Employment Agency Random House, Inc. Office des Changes Carter Barbara Darwall Negro Digest Teresky Schirmer, Inc. Hans W. Heinsheimer Gilbert Wolf , Gerald Lipsky, Robert A.

Mirisch Jackson The New York Times Golisheva, Elena Gordon and Company Schiff Titman Erwin Nathaniel , Office of the Solicitor General Paul Grossinger Office du Tourisme E. Rotin Albert Ramsdell , Behrman Company Tennent Ltd. Hugh Beaumont, E. Beyer, W. Newton, James Sharp Swanson, Inc. Swanson President Haight, George Bungay, Joseph H. Mock, William Shelpark, Hal Wallis Edward The Phoenix Theatre Helene Cruser, Anne Tiffany Bradbury Averell William Averell , The New Republic Theatre Collection Catherine F. Pawlcyn, Helen D.

Willard Library Erika S. Chadbourn Miller, Jr. Pusey, W. Tobey Kissinger MacLeish Helen Harvey Bethan Evans The Chattanooga Times Peters Company Marion Baldur , Hersey, Barbara Hillard Elkins Anne Grossberg Bond Holdren Gerald Goode Legation U. Thor Thors Pamela Mitchell Chakovskii, S.

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Dangulov, N. Fedorenko Bergman, Flavian Levine, Richard M. Morse, Rodman C. Rockefeller, Robert M. Wool Jelenski Hugo Lifezis Stanley Seiden Stanley M. Isaacs Stanley Myer , Isaacs Firm Ivens, Joris, Kenneth Holditch Lindy Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts U. Chloe Aaron, Aaron L. Spaulding, Roger L. Stevens, Leo Sullivan Tannenbaum Stomatovic Darrell Brogdon Lewis Freedman, Douglas E.

Natan Katzman, Roxanne Russell George Simon , Hayes Max Allentuck The Nation Knox Burger Associates Ltd. Knox Burger Hyman Solomon , Orion Pictures Company Salem Ludwig Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin A. Robert Towbin Company Arthur Schwartz Lois Berman, Leah Salisbury Lester Osterman Copyright Office Lorna G.

Margolis Manuscript Division David C. Mearns Office of the Librarian Daniel J. Boorstin Prodkov Anderson, Mary L. Everitt, Robert H. Fetridge, Jr. Guthrie, George A. Hill, Henry O.


Houghton, Jr. Simpson, Laura J. Spidle, Robin Straus, Arthur H. Thornhill, Jr.

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