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If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go with others. No man or a woman is an island. In order to be competitive, you need to team up with people on a deeper level. And if you care for them, they will feel that you care for them and they will give their blood, sweat and tears to contribute. As a leader, you need to know what motivates each and every person on your team. And you need to be open to the differences that there are so many varieties of factors that can affect the level of engagement of your people.

Be more interested in others than trying to be interesting yourself. That is genuine caring. Listen on Apple Podcasts. In New Hampshire, the overdose, really, death rate — I mean, can you believe this? The death rate is double the national average. Defeating this epidemic will require the commitment of every state, local, and federal agency.

Failure is not an option. Addiction is not our future. We will liberate our country from this crisis. Never been like this. Hundreds of years — never been like this. And we will raise a drug-free generation of American children. Last October, we declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. Should have been done a long time before. And we will be spending the most money ever on the opioid crisis. On our most recent National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, people across the country turned in more than , pounds of unused or expired prescription drugs — more than the weight of three Boeing s.

Our Customs and Border Protection — and these people, the job they do is incredible — seized nearly 1, pounds of fentanyl last year, nearly three times the amount seized in In , ICE arrested criminal aliens with 76, charges and convictions for dangerous drug crimes. Whether you are a dealer or doctor or trafficker or a manufacturer, if you break the law and illegally peddle these deadly poisons, we will find you, we will arrest you, and we will hold you accountable.

Here in New Hampshire, I applaud all of the Drug Enforcement Agents and law enforcement officers who recently coordinated Operation Granite Shield, an hour enforcement action targeting drug traffickers that resulted in the arrest of people. Just remember that. And that toughness includes the death penalty. Some of these drug dealers will kill thousands of people during their lifetime — thousands of people — and destroy many more lives than that.

And yet, if you kill one person, you get the death penalty or you go to jail for life. We have got to get tough. This is about winning a very, very tough problem. And I want to win this battle. Not going to happen.

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Thank you all. A lot of voters in this room. I see that. Because toughness is the thing that they most fear. Last year, my commission on combatting the incredible crisis of opioids issued 56 recommendations. So important. That includes increasing federal funding for the development of non-addictive painkillers. And we can do it.

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We can do it. These things are incredibly addictive. Here with us today are Jim and Jean Mozer.

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They lost their beautiful son, Adam, to a fentanyl overdose. His addiction began with prescription pills he found in their kitchen cabinet. They have since begun the Zero Left initiative to help families get rid of excess painkillers. And where are you? Where are you? Come on up. Come on up here.

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Tell us about your boy. He was a great kid. He was a smart kid. Grew up out in rural East Kingston, New Hampshire.

Fundraiser by Gaby Araujo : Help us BEAT IT! Johnny needs you!

He was the kind of kid that made you feel really good about yourself. You give him five minutes; you really liked him. And, you know, he just made a bad choice one night. As smart as he was, he found his way into our kitchen cabinet. And, sadly, the rest is history. He got hooked on it, and had to go to the street eventually. And he found fentanyl. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. And so many cases like that. And our Department of Justice is looking very seriously into bringing major litigation against some of these drug companies. The best way — so important — and the best way to beat the drug crisis is to keep people from getting hooked on drugs to begin with.

As part of that effort — applause — so important. You see what happens to the body; you see what happens to the mind. The second part of our initiative is to reduce the supply of illicit drugs. And they want to keep DACA for the campaign instead of getting it approved, which we could do very easily. And they want to tie it to the wall, which is okay with me. But both should get approved.

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