Quantum Optics

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Quantum optics : Nature Photonics

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quantum optics

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Home Physics Quantum Physics. June 5, Summary of our main result: an upper bound of the transition amplitudes for linear optics. The initial and final states are products of Fock states. The matrix U presents any realizable unitary transformation in linear optics. Credit: Science China Press. Relationship between of the complexity class of estimating boson amplitude, and classical and quantum computation.

Alain Aspect - Hanbury Brown - Twiss, Hong - Ou - Mandel, and other landmarks in quantum optics

Our result establishes that calculating the boson amplitude, with a polynomial additive error, is a problem inside BPP. DOI: Provided by Science China Press.

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The content is provided for information purposes only. Synthetic skin could aid wound healing 14 minutes ago. The Quantum Optics, Quantum Information and Quantum Control QQQ Group covers a broad spectrum of topics, from the foundations of quantum physics and information theory, through the investigation and control of fundamental physical and chemical phenomena, to new types of quantum technologies, metrology and standards.

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Quantum Optics

Research 24 June open. Research 24 June A general scheme for a resource-efficient probabilistic detection of multipartite entanglement is demonstrated on six-partite cluster states. Research 21 June open. Research 20 June open.

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  4. Josephson vortices are observed at the boundary between two exciton-polariton condensates, with lasers used to create the required local phase twist. The finding opens new opportunities for exploring fundamental physics and engineering novel quantum devices.

    Research Highlights 23 May News and Views 13 May A magnetic-field-dependent spectroscopy study on single perovskite nanocrystals reveals the spectral signatures of an exciton dark state below the bright triplet states. News and Views 24 April The race of distributing provable-secure encryption keys by means of quantum key distribution over ever-increasing distances is on.

    A surprising development has now led to a new result that may affect how we build future quantum networks. Comments and Opinion 23 April He was highly regarded for his work on the quantum theory of coherence, as well as for his contributions to nuclear physics, scattering theory and statistical mechanics. Research Highlights 21 February Advanced search.

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